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15T Franna Pick & Carry

Our 15T Franna pick and carry crane offers unique benefits when compared with other crane models. Despite the fact that the company is today called Terex-Franna, the cranes are still known as Franna cranes. The Franna crane models are known for their quick operation, incredible versatility, mobility and powerful lifting performance. As a result the Franna is suitable for a wide range of “pick and carry” applications from construction sites, plants, workshops and a variety of industrial facilities. With a lifting capacity of 15 tons the Franna is the ultimate machine for lifting operations in narrow or restricted spaces.

The Franna with its significant 15T lifting capacity offers distinctive benefits that cannot be matched by other machines. The biggest advantage provided by every Franna crane is their exceptional maneuverability, which is a result of the articulated frame steering.

The Franna crane is specifically suitable for lifting operations in areas where space is at a premium. Franna is the obvious choice for many lifting applications, simply because it is the ideal mobile lift and carry machine that doesn’t require outriggers for efficient operation.

To discover the benefits of the Franna download the full spec here or get in touch with our hire desk today or email hire@roadcraftcranehire.co.uk.

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